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The Muze jewelry is made from natural and sustainable materials: stainless steel/Stainless Steel; gemstones; Bohemian crystal.

Advantages of Stainless Steel:

♥ Good value for money.
♥ Sustainable, because it lasts a very long time and is also recyclable.
♥ No discoloration of the material.

Benefits of gemstone/freshwater pearl:

♥ Each stone has a special meaning.
♥ Some stones have a healing effect.
♥ Remains beautiful in color.

Benefits of Bohemian Crystal:
(High quality glass, produced in the Czech Republic)

♥ The shine is retained.
♥ Scratch-free.

How do I care for my jewelry?

You don't want your jewelry to discolour or break. Regardless of the material your jewelry is made of , it gets dirty and damaged when worn

Take good care of your jewelry so you can enjoy it for longer.

Here are some tips:

♥ Take off your jewelry before going to sleep. The more you wear jewelry, the faster it will wear out and there is a chance that a piece of jewelry will break while you sleep.
♥ Do not shower or swim with your jewelry on. Soap, chlorine and/or salt residues can remain on and in your jewelry, which ultimately causes discoloration.
♥ Do not let your jewelry come into direct contact with perfume, make-up and certainly not with hair spray. This makes them dull.
♥ Do not allow it to come into contact with chlorine, this is the only liquid that can discolor your Stainless Steel jewelry.
♥ It is best to store your jewelry in a dark and dry place, for example in a jewelry box.

Last tip ;-)
Give your jewelry a bath every now and then, simply in lukewarm water with a little washing-up liquid. That makes them shine again ;-).


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