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Every piece of jewelry from Muze is packed with meaning. It tells the story of the muse, the maker and the material. But above all, it tells your story. The piece of jewelry you wear captures a special moment for you. Forever.

Create your own ideal

Iconic women inspire us. Their lives, work and deeds form the basis for our jewelry lines. The connecting factor? They are all women who have stayed close to themselves. They dare. Who do not go along with a beauty ideal, but create their own ideal. These magical muses make Muse.

For you, made with love

The jewelry you wear is a unique piece. Made with love in a small edition. Made from natural products and natural stones. Traceable and often from the Netherlands. The development of our designs grows along with the muses. Every year we pay tribute to new women with a story.

Cherish the moment

Grow together with time, the people around you, the muses and with Muse. Capture the moments that matter to you and cherish them. Dare to be Yourself. Sometimes full of bravado, other times more in the background. And feel connected to all the other Muses who wear our jewelry with pride. Alone you are special, together we are one.

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